Mastering Financial Modelling in Microsoft Excel: A Practitioner's Guide to Applied Corporate Finance Издательство: Prentice Hall, 2007 г Мягкая обложка, 520 стр ISBN 978-0-273-70806-3 Язык: Английский Формат: 170x240 инфо 9639r.

Whether you are a finance professional or a business student, you will use numbers as a matter of course in analysing business performance and making decisions These procedures and decisions could be so much бщзпыbetter if you could use spreadsheets more effectively Most people could do with strengthening their skills in this area "Mastering Financial Modelling in Microsoft Excel" will help allow you to become more proficient in building and applying financial modelвзмчхs, enabling you to get better, more accurate results, fast This highly practical book and CD combination is an unrivalled compendium of techniques designed to save you time and help you become more productive Uniquely, it covers both the older releases of Microsoft Excel and the new Excel 2007, so whichever version you are using, you will be able to start using more powerful and robust spreadsheet applications immediately Alastair Day's essential reference provides step-by-step sвргооolutions to questions such as: how to write and apply more useful Excel models how to add advanced features to Excel models how to be confident that your model is giving you the right answer how to model more in-depth corporate finance techniques Increase the power of your financial analysis 2-nd edition Автор Alastair L Day.

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