Practical Dojo Projects Серия: Expert's Voice инфо 9357r.

Writing modern rich Internet applications (RIA) is a daunting task: Ajax, widgets, storage, security, JSON All of these things, and more, come into play Every developer needs a helping hand, which frequentlyбщзлм comes in the form of a good JavaScript library, and one of the best today is Dojo However, because Dojo is so powerful and robust, it's not necessarily easy to get your head around Finding out what it can do and how to use what it offers can be daunting This book sвзмувeeks to alleviate that problem In it, you will learn about Dojo in a practical manner: through the exploration of four full-fledged applications These aren't simplistic, contrived examples meant to illustrate some specific topic These are true, working applications After the usual (but valuable!) introduction/reference-type material about Dojo that books of this type always provide, you'll jump into a dissection of the following applications: A contact manager for storing and orgвргкюanizing your contacts; A code cabinet, a place to put categorized code snippets and find them easily; A fun little browser-based game; A mashup to find and map local businesses, all using remote web services By the end, you'll have a clear picture of what Dojo is all about and what it can do, and you'll have real-world examples of it in action to use as a springboard in your own development efforts You'll also, I believe, have a good time in the process, spotting pop-culture references galore and enjoying a lighthearted tone throughout Формат издания: 18 см х 23,5 см Автор Frank W Zammetti.

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